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Charles 'Chuck' E. Wood


Charles Eugene Wood was the son of the late Dr. Charles A, Wood, who for 33 years was a beloved physician in Auburn.

Dr. & Mrs. Wood moved to Auburn in July 1930. The Wood's first child was Mary Ann, born May 10, 1932. Mary Ann was tragically killed in an automobile accident. She was married to William Orndorff and had two children Chris and Georgia Ann Orndorff.

The people of Auburn loved the Wood family. "Dr. Charlie" was a gentleman who was faithful without regard to position, or place, or purse, or hour of the day or night.

Charles Eugene began this website in 2001 and it has expanded to cover data and pictures of the old Auburn School, grade and high school from 1938 to 1980, the year the old school ceased to exist. Charles graduated from Auburn High School in 1954 and was in Auburn to attend his 50th class reunion in September 2004.

                                                                                                         Tribute by F. Marie Foley



Photographer of the Month

Chuck in his teenage years with his mother

Graduation from Notre Dame - 1957

Family Picture - taken in North Carolina


March 19, 1966


March 19, 1966

March 19, 1966

March 19, 1966


39th Wedding Anniversary - March 19, 2005




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