Andrews House on Lincoln Street:    
Auburn from above:

Auburn Hosiery 2000:
Auburn L&N Depot
Auburn L&N Depot2
Auburn Public School 1909
Auburn Roller Mills
Auburn Square c.1910
Bank of Auburn
Bank of Auburn Sign
Big Store - Neal & Vick
Burr House
Caldwell Lace & Leather
Claude Peart House
Coke House
Corum House
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Curry hall Residence
Daily Davidson Cemetery Marker d.1895
Davidson Bank Building 1878
Dr. Charlie Wood
Federal Grove Bed & Breakfast
Hadden Home
Irene Neal House
Johnson House
Man Street - January 2003
Main Street - Looking West c.1910
Maxwell Covered Bridge
Memphis Line Book
Methodist Church
Mize Home
Presbyterian Church
Scott Mills
Shaker Re-enactment Festival, Shakertown
Shaker Inn 1869
Shakertown Post Office 1917
Stagner House
Tinsley Home

Webb Grocery